02 April 2014





My first run of the day left me face down in mushy spring snow; conditions were not what I was expecting. I ski like I live my spiritual life: fairly capable when I know what to expect, but trip me up with triggers and unknown territory or terrifying change and I crash gloriously as I cannot see my feet beneath me, nor the ground shifting as I go. 


I sin in the unfamiliar as old patterns, bad habits and frantic coping mechanisms kick in. Deep beneath my awareness I have "crossed my skis," not lining up my actions with what God asks of me. What if we considered that our thoughts, words and deeds need to line up with God's request to, "act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with Him"? Micah 6:8


To learn to ski you take lessons from teachers, you practice, you fall down and pick yourself up, set your skis straight and try again. You cannot begin again unless you straighten your skis every time you fall. This is true in our soul as well. We can learn to be holy, set our feet on the path God gives and ask for grace to begin again as we become stronger and steadier on our feet, able with His help to walk in His ways.

If we are to leave Lent changed, sin must go and grace must come. There is One who can help.

Medicine from Sacred Scriptures:


"Behold, I make all things new." Revelation 21:5