09 April 2014


I am still lingering by Lent's fire pondering God's words. He is a consuming fire and the writer of Hebrews begs us not to "refuse Him who speaks." Hebrews 12:25-29 I am struck by the warmth of God's invitation and yet in awe of the demand to listen to His voice. 

"I have lit the fire of your soul and you are now warmed in My  Presence. No need to see yourself as a forsaken Cinderella guarding the gate of ashes. I have come."


He startles me with His Presence; I had been busy stirring up the ashes of my sins and failures. Lent is never about wallowing, but always about transformation. I have a Father who picks me up and takes me in His loving arms. Here I give thanks, here I cry out to Him, here I listen and learn how to love Him and others. 

The fairy Godmother has not come, the King Himself clothes you.


Medicine from Sacred Writings:


"If any one should have hay, wood, stubble, he increases the fire;  but if he have gold and silver he becomes the brighter. Therefore let us get together this kind of material, and let us bear the present things nobly."


John Chrysostom    Fourth Century