Come to the House of Healing
30 August 2009

"Let him come continually to this house of healing, let him hear at all times the laws of the Spirit, and on retiring home let him write down in his mind the things which he has heard; so shall his hopes be good and his confidence great, as he feels his progress by experience.  For when the devil sees the Law of God written in the soul, and the heart become tablets to write it on, he will not approach anymore.  Since, wherever the King's writing is, not engraved on a pillar of brass, but stamped by the Holy Ghost on a mind loving God, and bright with abundant grace, that (evil one) will not be able to even look at it, but from afar will turn his back on us.  For nothing is so terrible to him and to the thoughts suggested by him as a mind careful about Divine matters and a soul which ever hangs over this fountain." 
St John Chrysostom Homilies on St John Homily III.1; NPNF 14:10

Have you been to God's house recently?  It is definitely a "house of healing" as Chrysostom suggests.   Here Chrysostom is instructing us about the healing of our souls and hearts.  It takes a Divine stamp- King's writings - on our hearts to make our lives new.  Jesus' words from Revelation 21:5  "Behold I making everything new!" apply most surely to our hearts.  Ezekiel goes so far as to say that God will give us a new heart and put a new spirit within us.  (Ezekiel 36:26) We can come and go to church as often as we like, but unless God gives us a new heart or writes something on our hearts during the time we spend with Him, we will go away fairly unchanged.  We don't realize that letters and impressions are always being recorded in our souls. (See St John Chrysostom's Homily on the Gospel of St. Matthew XI.9; NPNF 10:74)

 When we bring our hearts before God and ask Him to write on them then healing comes, "You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free."  John 8:32  The key for me is to bring my heart to God and let Him write His truth on it.  Sometimes my  heart  is full of what the devil says, what other people say, what the advertisers say, then I must come before God and open my heart and let Him stamp on it with His Holy Spirit. The King's writing on my heart always heals, always restores, always brings hope.  When my heart is despairing or down I might want  to consider who has been writing on my soul recently.  To do this I have to be very careful, as Chrysostom says, of Divine matters and have my soul hang over the fountain of God's healing love and mercy.