09 March 2014


Strawberries are ripe in Florida and they have found their way north. Bright, fragrant berries fill our grocery now, and our kitchen as well. I wonder what is filling your life?

What season might it be deep in your spirit? Is it a time for resting, fertilizing, cultivating, pruning, or harvesting? I'm in a painful pruning process and trying hard not to flinch under God's shears. Words, attitudes, some actions, much is being cut away that I might be fruitful.


I shouldn't be surprised; the grapes are trimmed hard against the vine as they wait for spring to bring life again to their seemingly shriveled up trunks. So am I as well. I long for sun and warmth and growth and instead receive harsh pruning and seemingly ruthless treatment from the Vine-dresser as He shows me more and more of my heart this Lent. He has given me three little plants to care for in my soul: kindness, gentleness and love.

What is God growing in you?

Medicine from Sacred Writings: 

"Cultivate your soul. Cut away the thorns. Sow the word of godliness. Propagate and nurse with care the fair plants of divine wisdom, and you have become a farmer. Paul will say to you, "The hardworking farmer should be the first to receive a share of the crops." 2 Timothy 2:6  Sharpen your sickle, which you have blunted through gluttony- sharpen it by fasting... We shall have the fast for a groundwork and instructor in all these things"

                John Chrysostom       Fourth Century