10 March 2014


I nearly lost my footing this morning as freshly fallen snow covered the thin ice layering black pavement. Twice my feet almost went out from under me; it is a perfect picture of my Lent so far. Twice in a week I have heard, "This season isn't about suffering, pain, and sacrifice, it is about finding our true self."


Look carefully and you will see the reflection of tree branches in this little pool of water; I, too, am to reflect Someone and something. I am a lavishly loved child of God 1 John 3:1, made in His image Genesis 1:26, but when my heart is frozen, God's love is not seen in my soul.

So, not even a week into Lent I am letting go of Lent; the sacrifices, the struggle, the pain of it all and I am going to simply try to love. I'm reduced to one little plant instead of three, another kind of pruning. "His command is that we walk in love." 2 John 1:6


 I am back to my fountain. "For with you is the fountain of life; in your light we see light." Psalm 36:9  In Him we live and move and have our being and He asks that we remain in His love. I can ask for grace to walk in love, to remember I am lavishly loved and live from this fountain of life, light and love.

Are you walking in love this Lent?

Medicine from Sacred Writings:

"Lay hold of the pathway which leads towards heaven; rugged and narrow as it is, lay hold of it, and journey on."

                     John Chrysostom   Fourth Century