13 March 2014


I'm basking in sunshine, flowers and fountains. It is't fair, I know, at home we have mountains of snow, freezing rain and icy roads. Wintry mix, our nightmare in New England, where snow and rain take turns wrecking havoc on trees and roads.

I think my Lent might be about exposing my wintry mix, what it is that causes me to crash and burn in my spiritual life. The way ahead seems fine and then all of a sudden anger or lack of charity send me spinning out of control.


Snow drops come through the storm, they brave their way finding warmth and sun to sustain them, as will we. In the fasting and praying of Lent what hinders our soul from blooming is slowly overcome: the false self, the neediness, the selfishness, the greed and gluttony, the anger and resentment and pride.

Are you making room for anything new to grow in you?

Medicine from Sacred Writings:

"When the fast makes its appearance, like a kind of spiritual summer, let us as soldiers burnish our weapons; as husbandmen let us sharpen our sickle; and as sailors let us order our thoughts against the waves of extravagant desires; and as travelers let us set out on the journey towards heaven."

John Chrysostom          Fourth Century