19 March 2014


A crew of construction guys are deconstructing our bathroom. The day before yesterday the electrician was here rewiring the house; it seems the bath shared circuits with other rooms and needed more power. Snaking the wires through the house in an intricate process, two men were yelling back and forth, "Got it?" "No?" "Okay, just a minute!"


Lent exposes what's inside, like yesterday's realization that I want  to flounder up the stairs rather than ask for help and mercy. I need a little rewiring. God cuts through my resistance and self-reliance to show me that I am not always listening to Him, that my prayers are complaints rather than communication, that my fasting is still tied to outward behavior instead of ridding my soul of judgement.


So the beautiful opportunity I have is to open myself to God, let Him have my wiring and wait for what He will build in me. This is the new switch, able to power the lights; it isn't pretty, but it is in process. As I am stripped in Lent of old habits and patterns may His light shine the brighter in me.

Any construction going on in your soul?

Medicine from Sacred Scriptures:


"Let your light shine before men that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven." Matthew 5:16