20 March 2014


Slowly grace gathers around my soul and I begin to warm as God thaws the seasons of winters that have accumulated, one on another, in my heart. Drops of mercy melt away grief and anger; it always surprises me to find it still lurking in the coldest places within.


No visible sign of Spring's arrival was apparent here, and so it is in our souls. We are changing under our own feet, shifting, melting, molding to the One who made us. We declare in Lent we will be aware, diligent, fasting, praying, giving, and yet the greatest movement is inward, the immeasurable leaning of our heart to the heart of God.


 Deep within He woos me, calling me to come, by myself to a quiet place and get some rest. Mark 6:31 Here I can respond, here I can let Him touch the tips of my fragile heart and mend what may be broken, and from here, listen to His voice.

The call may be to arrange our affections and orient our hearts towards flourishing and blessing. 

Medicine from Sacred Writing:


"For the gain of winter is more especially manifested after the season has gone by. Then the flourishing corn, and the trees teeming with leaves and fruit, proclaim, by their appearance, the benefit that has accrued to them from winter. Let the same thing take place with us." 

 John Chrysostom   Fourth Century