Called By Grace To Glory

God has placed an amazing call on our lives to be changed by His Word. Sometimes we limit the power of what God can do by what we believe about Him or ourselves, or others. This book challenges the way we have always thought about ourselves and God. I enjoy reading the Early Church Father's writings and include them in this book, because, while complex, often their words do not contain our twenty-first century jargon, and I find they express truth clearly. These writings also serve to remind us that our perceptions and feelings are not unique to our century, but span the ages.

So, listen. God is speaking. God's Word has the power to change us, no matter who we are or how we have lived. This book is an invitation to journey to the heart of God by looking at His Word and examining it for yourself and hearing God's heart of love for you. May God's grace flood you and His Holy Spirit lead you as you journey by grace to glory.